Find something!

If you used to self-harm and are trying to stop this, as you know really it doesn’t help anything, find something that will aways have the power to distract you.

It could be going for a run, reading a book, writing, writing on your blog, talking to someone, listening to positive music, doing yoga something that moves the power of the mind from one thing to another. For me, personally, it is film. Cinema almost saved my life it offers us an escape a chance to enter a new world filled with different people and concepts. I lose myself in this world and when I return to reality I’ve gained something new a new cinematic experience and it’s beautiful.

Find this thing. 


2 thoughts on “Find something!

  1. Absolutely! It also applies to any stressful or unpleasant situation/feelings. For me that thing is dancing – it’s like escaping to a different reality where I can let myself go.

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