Anxiety; facts over your reality.

With anxiety you can take the smallest thing and turn it into the most horrendous thing that could possibly happen ever.

You create scenarios in your head and almost convince yourself the worst will happen.

You walk into a room and convince yourself the people in there all despise you.

You wake up in the morning crippled by a sinking feeling that the worst should happen.

You do not live in happiness. But relentless fear. Anguish. Being unsure. Caution.

Always remember to look at the facts.
What do you know?
1) The scenario you’ve convinced will/has happened, hasn’t/won’t.
2) The way you think people see you is merely a projection of how you see yourself; that’s what needs changing.
3) The worst hasn’t happened. Don’t try and predict the future.

Always compare your anxious thoughts to FACT.


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