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One of the main reasons for creating this blog is not only a way to exercise my thoughts and feelings; not only just to help others; but also open people’s eyes to the imperfection of the human mind and the power it has on all of us.

One thing that upsets me about this world is people’s lack of awareness, I feel anyway, about mental illness.

I guess one of the main reasons why I was so unsure of how I was feeling for many years was because I wasn’t made aware of it. It was almost as if words such as ‘depressed’ and ‘anxious’ (two things I am being treated for) were either frowned upon, misunderstood or shunned off with a mass amount of pills. You may not agree with me. Maybe where you live and the people you were around were more actively aware and responsive to such things. But that’s how I used to feel.

I want to show people that anyone can become overpowered by the power of psychology and the mind. More significantly, I want to show people that this is normal and okay and that they CAN tackle it.

One should never feel like they should ignore how they feel. It will never fade away. It will only become worse. Tackle it. It will open your eyes to so much. I’m so glad I eventually stood up and got help, by that I mean started therapy. I’ve discovered so much and it makes me see the world and those in it in such a different way.

You may see an old, bitter, alcoholic man in the street. Lets call him Clark. When one looks at him they may think ‘ugh what a mess’. But now one can stop and think ‘I wonder why he’s that way?’ It could be due to his primary socialisation; his parents may have been depressed themselves; or unable to express emotion; or verbally abuse him and tell him he’s not good enough and this conditioning causes one thing – for him to believe that he’s not good enough. A tragic event may have happened, lets say his wife left him for another man and this caused him to spiral into depression and alcoholism and as a result of his alcoholism he lost his job and maybe even his home. Maybe now he’s homeless.

What therapy, further reading, learning other peoples experiences and my own is that to every effect (person) there is a cause (upbringing etc). I want to share this with others. I want them to understand that if they’re feeling a certain way or know of someone who is ‘peeling the onion’ is the perfect way to understand WHY.

One shouldn’t judge an appearance. They should discover the cause.


One thought on “My blog

  1. Quite astonishing u borrow into man’s inside after looking at outside. U are indeed not superficial like most of us glass gazing morons, thinking we know yet know nothing. To think mental leaves me mental at times but its awesome when results are attain I admire ur strength keep up.

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