‘It’s all in the detail’

This line can be used in many ways and conjure up it’s own meaning. For me, in reference to treating depression, it’s a very important idea.

Many have said that your internal life reflects and impacts your external life; this can have many connotations but to me it references ones location and where they live.

Me? I live with my family, all my siblings have left and it’s just me and my parents. However, not to bore you with details, the relationship with my parents isn’t great, close or personal for many reasons I guess. So naturally, as one would expect, I don’t feel happy at home. Furthermore, home never used to feel like home to me. Not just because of the people I was surrounded by. But the things too.

It may sound bizzare what I am saying. But I know not only from my own experience, but seeing from others around me, the interior design of your room, lounge, whatever room you enjoy the most can really influence your mood. I remember my old bedroom; the carpet was a mess, lived out and aged; the walls were an outdated colour and none of my furniture matched. Everything was falling apart. Unorganized. It wasn’t homely, comfortable. I didn’t think at the end of the day ‘ooh I can’t wait to get home and snuggle into my bed’. Because I hated my bedroom. When we moved house this was my chance to completely change this. Bright, light walls. Vintage bedding. Canvas’ and framed photographs of idols. inspirations and friends. All these tiny details helped me to feel slightly happier, more content when alone. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom because living with my parents can be difficult sometimes. Logically it makes sense that to go from a dark atmosphere to a dark atmosphere that I didn’t like would make me feel worse. However creating a room of light and inspiration to go to, almost escape to, really helped my state of mind and helped me to focus on positives (simply by the cavas’ and photographs of idols and inspirations).

Tiny details like this can add a sense of happiness and light to your day. Not just for the depressed but anyone.

I hope you agree with what I am saying. It really helped me.


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