When was the last time you were truly content?

I remember when I was. I was 13/14. Things at home were bad but I just didn’t care as much as I do now. I had a strong bond with friends and with siblings. So the relationship with my parents didn’t effect me as much then.But I was happy because I had no responsibility; I had nothing to worry about; I had wonderful friends and nothing but time but to have fun.

I specifically remember one moment. I remember feeling pure euphoria and freedom. Or maybe that’s how I remember it NOW after reflection. But if my memory has been changed and glamorized, I simply don’t mind because it makes it more beautiful. The memory isn’t that reliable but this image I hold is refreshing for me. I want to hold onto it.

Me and my friends used to just meet and hang out on this field; we’d just sit together, enjoy one another’s company and friendship, listen to indie rock and talk about anything that sprung to mind. Freedom. Nothing to worry about. I remember one evening; it was probably approaching 8pm. I was very hyper, as I constantly was at that age for some reason, and I was just rolling around the grass with a friend. I was failing at doing cartwheels. Doing handstands until I got dizzy. Forward rolling across the ground until I bumped into a tree (my forward rolls weren’t very good) and running with my friend until our legs got tired and we hit the floor. The weather was gorgeous that year too; the summer of 2008 in England. The sky was a gradual mix of red, orange, pinks and blues and the sun was on it’s way to the other side of the world. The breeze was soft but enlightening. It was just a beautiful evening.

That was the last time I remember being truly content and every-single-day I aim to work towards that contentment again. That may be naïve. But we all deserve to feel true, inner peace now and then. That’s all I desire. 


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