My ‘means-end’ reasoning

Over the past two years I have learnt a lot about life, relationships, friendships, depression, anxiety and personal discovery. One thing that I have noticed is that people are going to walk in and out of your life and you are going to walk in and out of people’s lives and only will a very special minority remain. For me, this has been a particularly hard thing to accept. Sometimes I feel abandoned and take it extremely personally. The idea that one day someone can be your entire world and the next they’re just another memory, a stranger again, terrifies me. But now I am discovering how to extract the positives, from these relationships and friendships that didn’t last, and understand that they only lasted for as long as they were supposed to. I guess I did this through a ‘means-end’ reasoning.

Almost every person you meet is merely a means to your own self-discovery and perseverance; the special minority that remain, are the ends that you can share this self-discovery and perseverance with.

The only difficulty is acknowledging that someone you thought to be an ‘end’ is merely just a ‘means’. Each experience, each memory, each person is an element of life which shapes us into who we are meant to be. Experience, that’s all anything ever is.


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