The power of self-love

I feel there’s a strange stigma on self-love. I don’t know whether you feel it or felt it, but I most certainly do. That said, with social networks such as Instagram and the self-loving #selfie, this is slowly changing. The stigma I mention is that of someone who has self-love and are confident are labelled ‘arrogant and unlikeable’. If someone lacks self-love and is unconfident they are labelled ‘attention seekers’

This time last year, and anytime behind that, I completely lacked self-love. I constantly used to be called an ‘attention seeker’ for it. But that’s society for you, full of contradictions. I was talking to a good friend of mine about the power of self-love and he too claimed he completely lacked it once so every day he would say one thing he liked about himself, whether that be a character trait or something about his appearance. Whenever someone congratulated him or complimented him about something he wouldn’t think ‘oh they’re just saying that to be nice’ he’d swallow the initial thoughts, believe and thank them.

I took these little tips and put them into practice and now I have developed self-love. This self-love is key in managing and battling my depression and anxiety. Having self-love allows me to attack my critical voice whenever it begins to overpower my mind. Having self-love allows me, when I lye in fear at night about the worst happening, to challenge these thoughts and ask myself whether ‘I deserve happiness’ and slowly the answer becomes ‘yes’. It’s not always this easy to maintain self-love. But the power of self-love is incredible and the changes it has on who you are, the people you attract and the things you achieve is incredible. Whether you’re depressed, anxious, bi-polar, fifteen, five, tall, small, blonde, brunette… whatever and whoever you are, you deserve to have self-love.

My motto is (I have probably blogged this before but shall again):

You’re only going to be with one person for your entire life, yourself. May as well learn to love yourself.

If you don’t, nobody else will.


8 thoughts on “The power of self-love

      • This is truly beautiful! I had a giant grin on my face reading it. The topic of ‘beige selfish’ is something that really irritates me; everything we do is for selfish reasons and that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily BAD thing. Also, she was definitely hinting at that if you love yourself you well attract more positive and loving people and that is really important in life. This is brilliant!

      • I love all her books (she has written a ton & she’s a bestselling author/artist!) so I’m wondering what book to suggest to you. I love SARK – I’ve met her in person several times and I interviewed her twice for our local paper. She’s incredible. She married +++herself+++ when she wasn’t in a relationship with anyone else, and (I love this) promised never to leave herself! :))) I’d actually start with her first book “A Creative Companion” and go from there! :))) Also, try calling her free Inspiration Line- she has a inspiration message she changes when she feels like it, and you can leave her a message or just hang up. 415-546-EPIC She listens to every message and has been doing the line for something like 15 years.

      • Oh wow! She seems like an incredible, powerful and inspirational woman. You’re so lucky to have met her. Thank you, I’ll start there definitely. I assume that’s an area code outside of England?

      • yes, you are right – sorry to space on that – she lives near yours truly in San Francisco, so that’s a Frisco code! She was so cool – she didn’t act like a famous person. 😉

      • Ah well I’d love to call but it’s a bit of a lot of money from here in England! (: You’re so lucky to have met her, did you record the interview or anything? If you ever interview her again anyway, you definitely should!

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