And I’m Off

This is a lovely idea. I wish you all the best. I hope it’s really refreshing and you’ll be willing to share the effects with us.

Never Not Broken. today.

I’ll be away- the real kind of away without the internet, cell phones etc- the kind of away we rarely get to experience anymore, for the next 15 days.

Don’t worry, the blog is not dying- simply following my lead and taking a break to breathe.

If you wish to support me in this time send me thoughts of determination, grace and humility as I pursue this journey.

If you are close enough to me to miss me while I’m away, listen to some Ingrid Michaelson to soothe your heart.

If you love me, and are nervous for me, find confidence in my strength and thank my mom for teaching me how to advocate for myself.

Here’s to doing your work!

PS- take a word of advice from that 12 year old I can’t stop raving about, and let yourself have a moment to shed whatever tears need to be…

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