Being Alone

I have opted to spend a lot of this summer holiday alone. I do not mean, ignore the world, my friends, family or work but learn to love my own company.

We are all human and alongside that we are all social beings, to an extent (we’re all different). However, I have noticed I depend on the company of others to bring me joy; that’s totally normal right? But when I am alone I am completely miserable. I drive myself crazy with overthinking, my critical voice and not focusing on making myself happier. I should be my own best friend, but I’m my own worst enemy. This needs to change, especially because I’ll be going to University before I know it and I’ll be moving away from home and being independent.

I want to enjoy my own company, make myself laugh, be happy completely alone.

So I am doing the smallest things to achieve this. Such as: going shopping alone, going for walks and not thinking but focusing on the beauty of nature, the refreshing breeze, enjoying even the small things like having a shower and singing as loud as possible, yoga (I’ve started this recently and LOVE it even though it hurts).

The little things can make a big difference. I’m just still trying to not think so much.


6 thoughts on “Being Alone

    • I’m really glad. Because I also ended a relationship I wasn’t really that ready for to achieve this and it was a difficult decision but I need to do this. It means so much and makes it easier knowing people do understand it.

  1. Try to focus outwards and not on yourself. Ect: if you are in the nature, practise turning off your thoughts, and just be there in the moment. At least me, hearing me complain about how shitty i am isnt very fun – and when i manage to turn that off, im having a much better time. but it is hard!

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