Cause and Effect

Every single event has a cause. Things do not just occur randomly, they develop and something creates the occurrence of that particular thing. Does water just occur on the kitchen floor? Does the poster just occur to be pinned on the wall? Does the writing just occur on the paper? No. Every event, every effect has a cause. In science it is not until we can understand the cause that we can know they why, how, when, what and who; I guess the same goes for psychology and the psychological state of any being. One does not occur to be anxious one day, something causes it; whether that is because a chemical is depleting or an event from ones childhood is up for discovery. Now, maybe this is why I find it so challenging to challenge my anxiety, because I am not sure of the cause of it. If I am not sure of the cause of it, I cannot accept the cause and work on challenging the effect. I became aware of the cause of my depression and am slowly tackling and challenging it. My anxiety? I’m still lost.


3 thoughts on “Cause and Effect

  1. Every time you feel anxious grab a pen and write.. Write why, how, when, where, what makes you feel anxious..
    and leave it, then come back to it a few days later..

    then within a week or so you can read over your notes and see patterns, who you were with, when you were anxious, what happened, where you were….

    Little patterns will crop up and you will be able to pinpoint what, where, how, why you feel that way..

    I had the same feeling and one day i just sat down and went through every time i felt anxious, where i was and how i felt. and i pinpointed it, then i was able to find coping mechanisms with the anxiety, because we all feel anxious, some more often than others but we can find ways to alleviate that feeling, breathing techniques, exercise, cups of tea help so much!

    Hope that helped x

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