Self-bullying and Expecting Punishment for Bad Actions.

‘Sometimes when bad things happen, depressed people feel that they are being punished for being bad in some way. It is as if we believe that good things will only happen if we are good and only bad things will happen if we are bad, so if bad things do happen, this must be because we have been or simply are bad[…] To come to terms with these feelings we usually have to admit to the things we feel guilty about and then learn how to forgive ourselves for them. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that the principles of ‘justice’ and ‘punishment’ are human creations. There is no justice in those who starve to death from droughts in Africa. Good and bad things can happen to people whether or not they do good or bad things’

Overcoming Depression A Self-Help Guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques – Paul Gilbert


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