I will be completing therapy soon and I am petrified of no longer going; no longer knowing that it’s there; that I can talk to my therapist when I need to; that I can think ‘we can talk about this in therapy’; no longer having that refreshed mind having left the room. However, I just keep reminding myself of how far I’ve come over this past year. Part of me wishes I had somehow filmed the entire year and share it with the world so everyone could grasped how much I’ve literally evolved because of it. I just hope I don’t discover my dependency on it. I don’t want to fall apart without it. I want to become my own precious rock. I want to hold on to everything I have learnt in therapy. Everything she taught me. She changed my life. I’m getting so emotional writing this. I just can’t stress enough how proud I am of myself for standing up and asking for help, getting it and using it to its fullest potential. I’m so proud of myself.


5 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. I am so proud of you too! :)))))) CONGRATULATIONS!

    Is it possible to remain connected with your therapist somehow, i.e.if you have a significant event come up you could see him/her on a one-time or very limited basis? My therapist told me she has that arrangement with some clients.

    No matter what you can and you will become your precious rock!

    • Thank you very much!

      I’m not sure really. But on my next visit she and I will be talking about ending the sessions and I will ask her about that – I think it would be good to know is there.

      Thank you:)

      • Yeah, just make it clear that it would only be if you had a very serious thing come up. I don’t think it’s bad to have a plan in place.

        take care and have a good day, my dear! Love your blog! 🙂

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