Converse With Reason

Whenever I start to feel terribly depressed; I start feeling the world is against me; I start asking what is the point in life; I start attacking myself and remind myself how useless and worthless I am; I remind myself of all the bad things I’ve done; I tell myself all the bad things people have said about me and convince myself that they’re true. I stop. Breathe. Sit back. Write.

I aspire to be a screenwriter. So I construct a screenplay format and write my emotional thoughts and feelings, then respond to them through reason. It calms me down for many reasons; it slows my emotions down as I write them out, helps me vent any negativity and place it all in one area, in a healthy area, not like I begin to self-harm (which I used to) and I practice the wonderful art of reason. I remind myself of fact and emotion. Compare fact and emotion.
It’s not always easy, no; reason is never easy when we’re all irrational creatures. But it’s always great to read back after a few hours and understand that emotional reasoning is never valid nor correct and it’s important to never give in to the depressed voice; because it’s always the same – wrong.


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