Keep It Together

Each time I make progress, something knocks it down. Either I’m destined to feel this way forever or I need to use these things that knock me down as ammunition to make me stronger and not weaker. I think I’ve just forgotten how to do that. Feeling quite lost and low today and I can’t stand it.


2 thoughts on “Keep It Together

  1. Sending you good vibes, dear one.

    I’m feeling pretty gross myself despite having good things right in front of my face! Well, my puppy threw up all over the floor; that worries me about why her stomach is upset, but otherwise there are good things around me all the same.

    To shift the shit, I’m gonna go sit out in the sun for a few minutes and paint my toes bright azure blue!!!!! Sounds dumb, but it will help me just a little bit. Sometimes even a teeny weeny bit of a shift will morph into that positive outlook you and I both want so much, so it’s worth a try.

    Hang in there…..sending you an e-hug!

    • Thank you! You really are so lovely! and right back at you.

      Awh 😦 I hope she feels better soon too. Poor puppy.

      No you’re right the smallest details can make the biggest difference. I just forget what tiny details cheer me up when I’m feeling down. And sounds like a lovely nail colour I must say, just ordered myself a few nail varnishes so when they come that’ll be fab! haha

      Thank you! 🙂 x

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