Losing Focus – Driving Myself Crazy. Advice, anyone?

I chose to spend more time alone and with myself for many reasons, but mainly to learn to be comfortable with myself, understand and tackle my low mood and anxiety, strengthen a sense of self-love and learn how to ignore my mind and focus on the present-moment and the ‘what-is-really-happening-here’. I am seriously failing to achieve the latter. I’m driving myself crazy thinking. It’s like I’ve been hit with a massive dose of nostalgia and all I can think about is the past and my anxieties for the future. It’s tearing me apart.

Advice, anyone?


6 thoughts on “Losing Focus – Driving Myself Crazy. Advice, anyone?

  1. Ugh! I know how you feel. What’s going on with you exercise- wise? Can you do any activity that gets your heart pumping and you break a sweat? I find that helps me SO much to get back into my body and to soothe my nerves. Listening to music while working out helps. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, going, “Yeah, right!” but I think it would really help. I used to be a certified personal trainer and exercise has helped me with the feelings you describe, i.e. running, elliptical trainer, walking briskly. Think about it, my dear! And good luck – hang in there – “this too shall pass”! xo

    • I do know exercise helps; the very few times I’ve really got my exercise game on it has helped. But it’s only short term. You know, depression speaks with the same voice, and it has a habit of telling me ‘it won’t work, it’s useless’ so when I tell myself that, and I believe it, it does become useless because after I do like 10 minutes I surrender and feel worse. I do find it difficult to find the motivation to actually do it. But I’m not helping myself, when I should be – I guess? I definitely love walks and investigating nature, it definitely distracts my mind and helps me gain focus – I just sometimes fear going alone? But I guess that’s the whole point of being alone to do those things ALONE. I can be very contradictory sometimes, you can see haha! But you commenting and swearing by exercise has motivated me to do some. And I’ll try and not let my mind poison it but remind myself of the facts, such as, exercise releases endorphins so factually it does lift your mood etc. Thank you very much. I hope you’re feeling well 🙂 x

    • I’ll give it a go, thank you! – similarly, I love the wonderful art of cinema and I used to watch films as my own form of escapism but I didn’t want to become too dependent on it for that and suck the beauty out of it? If you understand me. So I want to find a few extra things too. I’ll start watching a few comedy sitcoms and whatnot – they’re great, not too serious either, like the films I enjoy.

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