The Thought of the ‘Worthless’

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed in depression the critical voice is a very significant thing. The critical voice tends to evolve into the inner bully and this causes serious problems for coping in everyday life. As Paul Gilbert says ‘depression speaks in the same voice’ no matter where you’re from or what you’ve been though in your life. My inner bully loves to tell me I’m worthless and I always seem to believe it, this of course, begins a nasty, counter-productive spiral into worsening depression. So let’s sit down and put this on a scale.



You’re saying you’re worthless. So put yourself there. Now ask yourself who in the media or in life would you deem worthless? Maybe someone like Bin Laden? Who would you deem good enough? Maybe a relative or good friend? What about superstar maybe – Churchill?

Surely there’s people who believe that Bin Laden was a good, superstar person and Churchill a bad, worthless one?

My point here is it’s all subjective, subjectivity is not fact and if you begin to see yourself as worthless sit down and ponder ‘am I as bad as X, Y, Z?’ where are the facts of this statement? Isn’t this merely my inner bully taking over and talking for me? Fight for your compassionate mind and remember that subjectivity is not fact and remember to remind yourself of the facts.


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