This May Sound Cliche, but…

What is done, is done.

What has been, has been.

What has gone, has gone.

Dwelling on the past and desperately trying to understand what happened, why it happened, what the meaning of it was, why it went, where it went, where it went wrong well it’s completely pointless is it not?

We attempt to make patterns from life events to create understanding. But sometimes things just happen that we can never truly understand, the cause exists, the cause is life and change. But dwelling on it and living in the past… Well I must ask myself and you – what does living in the past gain? What are the positives for living in the past? How does it help your present, positively? Does it?

No. It doesn’t.

Things happen, that’s a fundmental rule of time. Sadly people die, people leave, things are lost, mistakes are made. I can’t tell you why, what they mean, I can’t tell you anything. But dwelling and holding onto them, well that can’t either.

You can spend hours trying to piece the puzzle together. Or, you can get up and move on. 

Acceptance is one of the hardest things to swallow but once you have you finally feel better. 


2 thoughts on “This May Sound Cliche, but…

  1. Hi, I really like the message you’re trying to convey but I’d perhaps give consideration to what can be learned by, not dwelling, but revisiting the past. Reviewing where things went wrong, what sent us into a spin, how we failed at something, or why we feel a certain way can greatly increase our chances of doing better next time. It helps us not end up in the same circumstances, to not do the same things over and get the same (potentially negative) results. This can be dangerous territory for many, I would imagine. It’s important to be constructive and not destructive or judgmental towards ourselves in the process, but if something is going wrong in our lives, we must review why and how we can do better. But going back to your original point, to not dwell on the negativity that surrounds the problem, and rather see it as a chance to learn and grow.

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