After Everything, Only One Thing Will Make You Happy

Once upon a time I was running from the monsters of my mind and fell into a Well. A Well of loss, confusion, darkness and suffocation. I felt the sun beam into this decrepit hole and I watched the people stare down on me knowing the danger I was in but walking away because they fear it so. I felt the harsh rain smash upon my face like needles stabbing my sore skin. Rats and spiders infested my corpse. I felt a genuine loneliness, genuine emptiness. Every time someone looked down upon me I had hope that they would tear me out but they always walked away and broke the promise I’d created for them. Then the Evil Queen, Depression consumed my mind and the only way she would die is if I was to take my own life. I attempted to do so. But then, I awoke. I saw that someone was looking down upon. I felt their tears. I felt their empathy. I felt their understanding. The sun was blistering my eyes so rubbed them until I could see that I was looking at myself. I threw a rope down and encouraged myself to climb back up. I fell, but I never stopped. I fought. My stomach tore. My legs ached. Throughout I cried. But I always reminded myself of why I was doing this. As I eventually climbed out of the hole I focused only on the path ahead of me. Surrounded by dark, deep forests. I saw only those ahead of me; my friends, my family, my therapist, my Doctor, my Counsellor, my diary, my dream, my career. I took my hand and walked with myself and myself alone along this path. When I feared the Queen and her monsters I would run into the dark, deep forest and hide away from the world, but I always came back to me and saved myself from myself. I pulled myself back onto this path. My dream is still ahead of me and that is the focus. I will fight every day until I reach that ‘happy ending’. What is that? My Inner Happiness.

This story is not ending, it has only just begun.



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