Drop the Buckets and Find Happiness

Before you get over your mental pain you have to learn to let go of what is or was hurting you. Imagine each thing that burdens you, each thing that has broken you, each thing that has torn at your core. Then imagine each of these things as a giant bucket of water that you are carrying. You are carrying too much and it is causing you to weaken, become frail, you feel worthless, fatigued but cannot seem to let go and your core is falling apart. In the journey of recovery imagine dropping all these buckets and walking away from them. You could stand and watch the water the life pour out of these buckets as you stash them to the ground or you don’t look back and accept that once you were carrying these ‘things’ but you no longer are. You’re free of them. You’ve accepted them for what they were and now you’re going to change their effects on you into something much more worthwhile… Happiness.

Things can either break you or make you. The choice IS yours.

This post was inspired by reading this post: 


I hope you enjoyed it.


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