The Fear of Discrimination

When I was in my first AS year at college my depression was at a whole new high at that moment. I’d never felt so dangerously low. I was nasty to those who were trying to be nice to me, I dropped out of a subject just so I had one less thing to think about, one last subject to go to, one last reason to walk into the college, I barely attended the college and I only went in for my Drama classes because this was a time that I could run away from myself and become someone else; it was a great method that helped me challenge my emotions. I was too afraid to say that something wasn’t right. I wasn’t feeling alright. In the end I completed that first year of college, coming out with B,B,C (not bad at all for someone who never went in), and moved to another college. This college were so open about mental health difficulties, I’d say, and they had a counselling programme there and I started it. In the end counselling wasn’t enough for me but that isn’t the point the point is the help was there and my teachers could recognise something wasn’t okay and spoke to me about it, told me who can help and where to go. Unlike the other college; whose teachers were just like ‘oh you actually decided to come in today? That’s good of you’. Maybe they aren’t aware of mental health signs in people, but the point is I think every teacher needs to have training in how to approach it, see it and help those victim to it. When students are hit with mental health difficulties, or younger people in general, people seem to have this idea that it’s an attitude problem or they’re attention seeking or something. But what these people need to see that for every action there is a deeper, more complex cause; attention seeking or an attitude problem is never, ever a cause. 

I could go into vast amounts of detail but read this from Time To Change because that is what inspired this post now.


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