I Miss You

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed telling you how I feel. I miss crying and coming to you. I miss smiling you and telling you how great my day has been. I miss talking to you about my experiences. I miss holding your hand and letting you know I’m there. I miss telling you that I understand and meaning it. I miss listening to you. I miss realising that I am not alone. I miss telling you that you are not alone. I miss sitting down with you at the end of a tiring day and being reminded that everything will work out in the end. I miss being told I’m strong. I miss being told I’m inspiring. I miss telling you the same thing. I miss sitting at night, gazing at the night sky and thinking of you. I miss the time to tell you that you’re the most wonderful person simply for being alive and tackling your inner thoughts and becoming stronger. I miss you. All of you. And I’m sorry I’m not here often anymore. I’m sorry I don’t blog often. I miss you. You give me strength. I miss giving it to you.


2 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. What a beautiful post!!!! I miss you!!!! I am so glad you are back!! Looking forward to reading more if you feel up to it, but there is NO pressure!!!

    lots of love,

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