Take Your Own Advice

Not to, as the expression says, ‘blow my own trumpet’ but I’m one of these people that my friends and relatives like to come to. They state I’m good at putting things in perspective, they say I’m good as extracting the positives even from the worst of situations, they say I know what to say and how to say it, they say I keep things real and that my words as well as experience can inspire them.

I know this is true.

I like to think about bad things and all the good things that can come from them;  for example, when me and my ex-partner broke up, naturally when a long-term relationship ends you think it is the end of the world. At this time, however, I was severely depressed and this resulted in my attempted suicide to which I received a letter from my Doctor stating he wanted to see me and he referred me to a therapist and I attended therapy for a year and a half. Therapy changed my life. Entirely. It changed me, how I see the world, people, previous events, God, illness, anything you can think of it changed. I became educated in the power of the mind. I started my blog. I opened up about my mental illness. I changed. From that one event.

Today I read the comment on my previous post from https://bitofaworrier.wordpress.com/. It honestly felt like I was talking to myself. Here I understand that it’s okay that I don’t like where I live because I feel the people don’t like me; you can’t please everyone and if you could the world would be terribly boring and as mentioned I HAVE somewhere to live. I mean I know it’s okay to be upset because I feel people don’t like me, I mean that’s human, but to cry about it and lose sleep about it and obsess every second about it – that’s not okay, that’s a waste of energy.

Today I spoke to myself.

Tomorrow I will see the beauty in bad and the beauty in good.

I will appreciate what I do have over what I don’t.

One thing I will always remember learning in therapy is ‘if this was a loved one talking to you, what would you say to them?’


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